Welcome to Hotel Regina Blu, Radhimë, Vlore

Hotel Regina Blu is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along the southern coastline of Albania. We have a modern facility with all the amenities necessary to make your stay with us a pleasant and memorable experience.Take a TourorStart Booking

The water there was just simply amazing and so was the food! The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was just exactly what i needed for this summer! The view from our room was absolutely gorgeous!

Elisa Adsuzy (Houston, Texas, United States) *****

Regarding the beach, it offers plenty of chairs and lots of space since they are not set in a crowded fashion. Beach access is immediate over the sky-walk and leaves quite an impression.

Jovan (Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia) *****

Vlora bay is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. The beach is clean and the underwater view is fabulous. The room i was given first was a standard room on the top floor of the hotel - good views of the beach but i was not impressed with the room.

Mitsos A (Thessaloniki, Greece) ****
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Hotel Regina

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